Women in Macroeconomics, Finance and Economic History

The Workshop for Women in Macroeconomics, Finance and Economic History (WIMFEH) took place on May 3rd and 4th 2021. It was organised by the DIW Berlin and sponsored by the SPP 1859. Click here to access the programmes' website at DIW. Click here or see below to find the workshops' programme. 



Monday, 3rd May 2021

12:45    Login, Get-together & Welcome

13:00    Macro-Finance

  • The Hidden Heterogeneity of Inflation Expectations and its Implications - Lena Dräger (Leibniz University Hannover), Michael j. Lamla and Damjan Pfajfar; Discussant: Chi Hyun Kim (University of Bonn)
  • 10 min Breakout rooms
  • Financial Constraints, Firm Age, and the Labor Market (Brigitte Hochmuth, FAU Nuremberg & IHS Vienna); Discussant: Iryna Stewen (University of Bonn)
  • 10 min Breakout rooms

14:10    Keynote: Yoosoon Chang (Indiana University Bloomington) - Time-Varying Expectation Effects of Switching Financial Uncertainty

14:55    Banking

  • Bank Concentration and Monetary Policy Pass-Through - Isabel D. Hanisch (University of Notre Dame); Discussant: Lena Dräger (Leibniz University Hannover)
  • 10 min Breakout rooms
  • Tighter Credit and Consumer Bankruptcy Insurance António Antunes - Tiago Cavalcanti / Caterina Mendicino (ECB), Marcel Peruffo and Anne Villamil; Discussant: Annika Bacher (EUI)
  • 10 min Breakout rooms

16:05    Keynote: Caroline Fohlin (Emory College of Arts and Sciences) - tba

16:50    Wrap-Up Day 1


Tuesday, 4th May 2021

9:30      International Macro

  • Reading the News: Telling Supply from Demand in Commodity Markets - Sarah Mouabbi / Evgenia Passari (University Paris-Dauphine) and Adrien Rousset Planat; Discussant: Josefin Meyer (IFW Kiel)
  • 10 min Breakout rooms
  • Risk Sharing in currency unions: The migration channel - Wilhelm Kohler / Gernot J. Müller and Susanne Wellmann (Tübingen University); Discussant: Britta Gehrke (Rostock University, IAB Nuremberg & IZA Bonn)
  • 10 min Breakout rooms

10:40    Fiscal and Monetary Policy

  • The Effects of Government Spending in the Eurozone - Ricardo Duque Gabriel, Mathias Klein and Ana Sofia Pessoa (University of Bonn); Discussant: Anna Rogantini Picco (European University Institute)
  • 10 min Breakout rooms
  • Financial Technologies and the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy Transmission - Iftekhar Hasan, Boreum Kwak (IWH) and Xiang Li; Discussant: Josefine Quast (Bundesbank & University of Würzburg)
  • 10 min Breakout rooms

11:50    Keynote: Marie Hoerova (ECB) - Do non-banks need access to the lender of last resort? Evidence from mutual fund runs

12:35    Joint Lunchbreak 

13:35    Finance

  • Surges and Instability: the Maturity Shortening Channel - Xiang Li (IWH) and Dan Su; Discussant: Sarah Mouabbi (Banque de France)
  • 10 min Breakout rooms
  • A Traffic-Jam Theory of Growth - Daria Finocchiario (Uppsala University & Sveriges Riksbank) and Philippe Weil; Discussant: Katja Mann (CBS Denmark)
  • 10 min Breakout rooms

14:45 Farewell

Organizers: Kerstin Bernoth Franziska Bremus Geraldine Dany-Knedlik Stephanie Ettmeier Sibylle Lehmann-Hasemeyer