Workshop Series: Concepts and Theories of Economic Expectations 2020/21

The workshop series aims to jointly read and discuss central theoretical texts within our research group. For this purpose, we have compiled a reader containing some basic texts. The workshop series is based on an event that we have already successfully conducted in 2016 in the first funding period. In times of Covid 19 we now want to try to rekindle the stimulating theoretical discussions on experience and expectation by an online format. The offer is mainly aimed at the new PhDs, postdocs and PIs in the SPP. But of course everybody is welcome to join the discussion. The reader is available on request from Laetitia Lenel.



Session 1: December 07, 2020, 12 pm

Theories of uncertainty from Knight to Taleb

introduction: Ingo Koehler (Berlin)


Spaces of experience – horizons of expectation. Concepts and contexts

introduction: Rüdiger Graf (Potsdam)


Session 2: February 01, 2021, 12 pm

"Animal Spirits". A behavioural economics approach                                    

introduction: Gernot Müller (Tübingen)


Macroeconomic analysis without the rational expectation hypothesis  

introduction: Zeno Enders (Heidelberg)


Session 3: March 01,2021, 12 pm

Fictional expectations                                                                                         

introduction: Lena Müller (Erlangen-Nürnberg)


Future orientation in practice theory                                                           

introduction: Sebastian Schöttler (Berlin), Lilian Zafiri (Mannheim)